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Support your remote agents, eradicate the pain of change and ensure a consistent customer experience.

In these unique times, we would like to help solve some of the challenges you may be facing by providing you with constant insight into the performance of your contact center and how this is experienced from the perspective of the customer– free of charge and with no commitments.


What's included?

We’ll set up monitoring of up to 5 numbers, as often as every 15 minutes, free of charge for the next 3 months.

  • Our monitoring will provide automated testing of up to five of your numbers to ensure they are working as they should be

  • We will set our system to call at a frequency that suits you - from once a day to every 15 minutes, replicating the customer journey to ensure your IVR interactions are operating as expected

  • If any results fall below acceptable levels of failure, our system will alert you and your team so you can make the required changes before they impact the business 


How do I get started?

  1. Complete the form to request your free contact center monitoring and provide the numbers you would like us to test at your chosen frequency

  2. Within 24hrs our professional services team will create your test cases, which you can approve through a unique login

  3. Once approved your monitoring schedule will be automatically activated

Request your free monitoring

What will free monitoring of my contact center help me to do?

Monitoring your contact center environment will flag any issues that may impact on the business, allowing you to react quickly during this unprecedented period of change. 

Help to answer these questions:

  • We’re experiencing higher call volume, are we still operating as expected?

  • Are our carriers coping with the increased stress on their systems?

  • Is our internal network infrastructure coping with the changes to how traffic is moving across it?

  • Are callers able to get through to us?

  • Is the audio quality of calls that are being answered by remote agents clear?

  • We’re making a number of changes to our announcements as the situation evolves. Are these working as they should?

 Free contact center monitoring


Request Your Free Monitoring

Why Occam?

Automated Testing for the Contact Center Designed to Provide the Ultimate Customer Experience

We understand that the contact center is where the battle for customer retention and acquisition is won or lost. That’s why we are solely focused on ensuring the success and optimal performance of your contact center environment to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Our Experience Testing System (ETS) provides you with end-to-end testing across the entire contact center infrastructure by generating test calls that replicate and analyze the path a customer call will take, providing you with the assurance that operations are working as expected.

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Compatible with all major vendors, including:





















Our Customers

Through the deployment of Occam’s solutions, organizations across all industries are able to ensure they are delivering the highest levels of support and the best possible customer experience.










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