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Let's see how we can help you to create a collaborative workspace and ensure your contact centers operations are consistently running smoothly with our continual testing platform.




Facilitate the constant change of call centers. 

Our Experience Testing System (ETS) provides a set of tools that maps, tests and alerts on the status of your contact center environment to ensure operations are consistently running smoothly.
Unlimited Testing ETS offers unlimited access to enable your team to test as and when required.
Unlimited Access With unlimited user access, you and your team can gain valuable insight from ETS and work together to continually enhance and improve your CX initiatives.
SaaS or On-Premise ETS can be deployed as an SaaS or on-premise solution dependant upon the needs of your business.
With Occam’s Experience Testing System (ETS), you’ll be able to...
  • Continually enhance your contact center operations 
  • Create a collaborative work environment 
  • Reduce team downtime
  • Ensure the highest levels of performance
  • Deliver a superior customer experience 



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How you can deliver continual improvement within your contact center.




Discover and Benchmark
for Continuous Delivery

ETS automatically generates an up-to-date and accurate overview of your IVR configurations and fully benchmarks your existing systems.

This flags any errors or areas where improvements can be made, enabling your team to prioritize objectives in the delivery schedule collaboratively.


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Iterate and Test
for Continuous Testing

ETS functional testing allows you to thoroughly soak test new solutions and changes prior to launching them into production.

Using the information captured via the IVR discovery or vXML ingestion features ETS automatically generates easily editable test scripts.



Monitor and Report
for Continuous Observing


ETS monitors a number of different metrics across the entire contact centre environment will alert you and your team should any results fall below acceptable levels of failure.

ETS will automatically collate and share reports to employees and customers to highlight performance as required.



Load and Stress
to Test in Real-Time 

ETS Load simulates high volume call traffic and measures all the way from the carrier to the agent desktop to ensure that systems are built to specification and continue to operate as designed when placed under pressure.


Compatible with all major vendors, including:






















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