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Migrating Contact Centers To The Cloud: How To Deliver Whilst Maximising Your Profit Margins


An On-demand Webinar



Delivering a smooth migration over to a cloud contact center is essential to your reputation and profit margin.

By using validation testing you can ensure all elements of the migration are delivered to specification before deployment, as well as help you to avoid scope creep. This will allow you to deliver the project profitably
 and help you retain the customer for the long term.


Who Should Attend This Webinar? 

This webinar is for:

- Project Managers responsible for delivering call center cloud migration projects

- Value Added Resellers (VARs) looking to expand their contact handling and offerings beyond on-premise based systems

- System Integrators responsible for the technology set and migrating contact centers to the cloud

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Don’t lose customers because of a poorly executed migration process

What You Will Learn:

In this 16-minute on-demand webinar, you will discover:

- How automated validation testing and monitoring will increase the success of the migration project.

- How it’ll help you retain your customers for longer.

- The ROI of validation testing for cloud migration.

- How automated validation testing can significantly enhance the cloud migration process.

- The benefits of validation testing for you and your customers.

Meet Your Speaker:

Gregg Lander, VP Sales EMEA/APAC, Occam:

- More than 15 years of experience within the telecommunications industry.

- Manages the partner relationships at Occam.

- Strong understanding of the e-commerce environment across both Europe and North  America.

- Assists clients in improving both front and back-end customer-centric operational performance throughout their organization.


About Occam

Occam provides AI driven customer experience mapping and validation technology to our partners, through our Experience Testing System (ETS).

We understand that migrating to a new contact center can be a daunting and potentially time-consuming process. Being reliant on a number of different vendors to all come together to deliver the required customer experience can be a complex and difficult task.

That’s why we’ve created our migration assurance options to ease the transition to Cloud.

Whether you’re using our IVR discovery and importing tools or our performance assurance services, the various features available to you through our Experience Testing System (ETS) will ensure that your project remains on time and within budget.