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Continuous Testing in Call Centers: Business Case Template


Create a compelling business case for automated testing within your contact center



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What you will get

Reduce costs from inefficient, manual or limited testing with a continual testing platform and start seeing an immediate ROI

To run an efficient and effective call center, it is vital that as an operations manager you have confidence in the processes and infrastructure the business relies on to provide high-quality customer services.  

Downloading this business template will help you create a compelling business case for adopting a continuous testing methodology within your contact center. Following DevOps best practices will allow your organization to achieve a considerable return on investment and deliver a market-leading customer experience. 


By following this template you will:

  • Construct a best practice business case
  • Obtain buy-in from the stakeholders in your organization 
  • Achieve the best return on investment once implemented 
  • Provide the foundation for delivering the best possible customer experience 


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