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Ease the transition to Genesys Cloud with Occams' automated migration and validation services.


load and stress testing

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Quickly identify the problems created by a poor migration strategy

How can you calculate the value of migration validation services to ensure that this vital part of the process isn’t pushed to one side in order to reduce costs?

There are a number of different factors that are impacted through a poor migration strategy: increased agent costs; increased wait times; higher staff turnover; increased recruitment and training costs; missed revenue opportunities; lower Net Promotor Score (NPS); reduced customer churn.

If we look at the Customer LTV (Lifetime Value), we can quickly determine how many customers would need to be negatively impacted through a poor migration strategy to justify the need to validate the experience before switching over.

In the vast majority of cases, the number is in the single digits (If we factor in a reduced NPS this number is even lower). Less than 10 customers would have to take their business elsewhere before the impact of a poor migration outweighed the cost of a migration assurance service.

Typically, validation testing makes up less than 1% of the total contract value.


Example problems identified by Occam users:

  • Carrier SIP trunk misconfiguration limited capacity to 50% so we were only able to connect half of calls.
  • QoS configuration errors caused voice quality issues when call volumes hit over 60% from the CCaaS edge.
  • Incorrect load balancing between SBC's caused calls to fail intermittently.
  • DNS lookup delays for API calls to customer database caused wait times to increase for customers.
  • Resource problems with backend server farms caused data lookups to fail under load, and calls to error/disconnect.
  • External cloud text-to-speech (TTS) capacity limits under load caused error messages and calls to fail.
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Why Occam is the migration partner of choice

We understand that migrating to a new contact centre can be a daunting and potentially time-consuming process. Being reliant on a number of different vendors to all come together to deliver the required customer experience can be a complex and difficult task.

That’s why we’ve created our migration assurance options to ease the transition to Genesys Cloud.

Whether you’re using our IVR discovery and importing tools or our performance assurance services, the various features available to you through our Experience Testing System (ETS) will ensure that your project remains on time and within budget.



  • AI Guided IVR Discovery and Mapping

  • Visibility and AI driven validation of entire CX operations from your customers perspecive 

  • IVR import into Genesys Cloud

  • Auto creation of test scripts within Genesys Cloud

  • Unlimited Functional Testing & Monitoring

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ETS Migration Features and Capabilities

The tools and features within Occams' Experience Testing platform deliver advantages and efficiencies throughout the migration, from initial planning through to deployment and monitoring of the live environment for long term gains.

Let’s see how it works:

Occam accomplishes a smooth migration by first baselining the contact centers current environment by mapping the existing IVR and documenting current applications that can be shared internally with all teams working on the project. This benchmark and discovery phase allows you to measure current operations to demonstrate areas of improvement that can be delivered when migrating to Genesys cloud. 

Once imported, our Experience Testing System automatically creates tests based on the original on-premise configuration or, if updated, of the new cloud deployment. From here you can evaluate, optimise and improve your IVR design from within Genesys Cloud. 

With fully editable test scripts in place, you're able to continually test systems from the perspective of the customer throughout the development process allowing you to accelerate development while assuring quality.

Once development and functionality testing have been completed, Occams' verification service mimics high volume customer interactions and interrogates every element of the customer experience from the initial connection with your carrier all the way through to the performance of the agents' tools to ensure that all systems have been built, and are operating, to specification.

Finally whether in pre-production or production, the ETS monitoring feature allows you to continue to perform proactive consistent testing from the perspective of the customer. Any issues will be flagged, allowing you to resolve them before they create a negative impact, ensuring system stability and that the desired customer experience is consistently delivered. 

Accelerate the transition over to Genesys cloud and, once deployed, provide continual insights and feedback to add value for your customer with the Occams' Experience Testing System and assurance packages. 


IVR Discovery Tool

Map out a customer's existing contact center operations from the perspective of the customer and document an accurate and up to date overview of the customer’s existing operations in a format that can be exported and shared. 


Auto Test Creation

Test scripts are automatically built from the data captured within Architect and can be executed to ensure systems are operating as expected from the perspective of the customer.


 Group 121

Functional Testing Tools

Test continually throughout deployment to keep the process on track and to help to reduce the time and cost to deliver the migration.



Load and Stress Tools

Replicate peak traffic conditions across the customers entire infrastructure to understand how the new deployment operates.



Monitoring Tools

Ensure that platforms continue to operate as expected through proactive monitoring of the environment. 


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Why Occam?

AI-driven customer experience mapping and validation for the Contact Center

We understand that the contact center is where the battle for customer retention and acquisition is won or lost. That’s why we are solely focused on ensuring the success and optimal performance of your contact center environment to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Our Experience Testing System (ETS) provides you with end-to-end testing across the entire contact center infrastructure by generating test calls that replicate and analyze the path a customer call will take, providing you with the assurance that operations are working as expected.

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We are a Genesys AppFoundry partner, offering solutions to help create great customer experiences. 


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